Haze Haters in Malaysia

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Choking Malaysians

2006 and another round!
sigh.....looks like this blog will have its season every year

This site was set up last year after a disgusting bout of smog that left us sick and gasping. And this year it is irritating us all over again. How will we welcome tourists in Visit Malaysia Year 2007? Perhaps with face masks?
We started this blog as a venue, an outlet for people to protest in a creative and peaceful way, and you guys did indeed send us wonderful stuff. We tried sending the site to our Indonesian counterparts but somehow got ignored (not enough pictures kuaaa?) Anyhoo. We open the site again for entries if you'd like to contribute to what we would like to call an on-going pictorial protest.

for those new to the site, here is what you do.
take a pic of yourself or yourfriends, or whoever, or send us your graphics, drawings etc. Give us your name/initials and where you are from, because it's more meaningful yah. Get the ball rolling. Be creative, photoshop away, but even if you're angry, please don't be rude.
Perhaps the authorities would be more inclined to act if they hear all our voices, and not just figures and stats. And we do realise sometimes those who burn have to do it to put food on the table, but it doesn't change the fact that we really bloody hate the haze.

Send your pictures to hazehaters@gmail.com now,and we will do the rest. Our focus is on the pictorial petition, channel your anger and frustrations creatively. We'll let the pictures sent to us LAST YEAR speak for themselves. (there are more if you click our 'beta site') *update- We are opening up comments again for people to join in our "INDONESIA, RATIFY THE ASEAN HAZE TREATY NOW!"

Till take care..
And forward this to your friends! The Burning Has Got to Stop. Lah.